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Kids Back to School? While I Work Remote? How to Help Your Team Manage It All.

Like millions of Americans, you may be working remotely while your kids are supposed to return to school. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools may remain closed for an indefinite amount of time. Depending on your kids’ ages, you may be expected to homeschool them while fulfilling work responsibilities. If your kids are in high school or college, you still need to make in-home adjustments so everyone can accomplish what they need to throughout the day. Although this may seem challenging, you have what it takes to ensure you and your family make it work.

Here are a few strategies to navigate this new routine.


Start Work Early

Begin working before everyone else gets up. Make it a goal to accomplish one or two things early in the morning. This sets a desirable tone for the day. Even if you end up finding bits of time to complete more tasks while your kids are up, you’ll have had a good block of uninterrupted time where you can tackle some things.

Set-Up Work Areas

If your kids are old enough, create workspaces for each of them. This may include repurposing areas of your home. Your kids can study, work, chat virtually with teachers or friends, or entertain themselves. Provide as much autonomy, emotional support, structure, and help as needed.

Create a Schedule

If your kids are old enough, create a general schedule for each of them to follow. Include school tasks, chores, and general activities. You may want your kids to complete schoolwork in the morning and choosing among activities, games, or screen time in the afternoon. You could write a list of potential activities on a board, set a timer, and let your kids decide how they spend their time based on their options. Depending on your kids’ ages, activities might include art, math, writing, science, exercise, iPad, quiet play, or chores. If they’re having fun, let them extend the activity after the timer goes off. This keeps them moving and on task.  

Learn to Balance Home Schooling and Remote Work
Keep in mind that dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is a stressful time for everyone. What helps you, your partner or your kids get done to manage each day may not be the same for someone else. Be patient with yourself and your family. Maintain communication with your manager and colleagues as much as you can. Remember that this won’t last forever.

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