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Is it Time to Adjust Your Hiring Strategy?

Companies are modifying their operations due to the coronavirus. People are changing jobs because of the uncertainty surrounding employment. Hiring managers are adapting recruiting and onboarding strategies to attract, employ, and retain employees.

Here are five tips to shift  your hiring strategy.

Maintain Your Brand

Keep your employer brand as attractive as possible. Find ways to ensure high employee satisfaction levels regarding engagement, productivity, and retention. This helps to increase employee loyalty when other workers may be changing jobs due to nervousness about a down economy. Send internal surveys to see how your brand can be improved. Make adjustments based on feedback. 

Audit Your Hiring Channels

Determine which hiring channels provide the highest quality of candidates. Since job search activity has increased, you may be flooded with irrelevant resumes. Be sure that the channels you use are most efficient and effective for getting the types of qualified candidates you’re looking for. These channels may include social networks, niche websites, or associations.

Revisit Your Hiring Process

Determine ways to increase efficiency in your hiring process. Think about how a specific role performed for the company in the past 12 months. Evaluate whether the position is a core part of the business or can be eliminated. Determine whether to save time and money by hiring a contractor instead of a full-time employee.  

Stay Current on Your Hiring Needs

Be sure you review your hiring needs to be even more strategic when determining your short- and long-term hiring needs. This may include creating a hiring plan in line with your business forecast for the next 12 to 24 months. Such a plan can help you understand how your staffing needs and offer clarification of your most essential hiring needs, fill crucial roles, and streamline your budget.

Offer Growth Opportunities

Let candidates know about opportunities for growth within your organization. Rather than focusing only on the immediate salary or role, candidates are more inclined to think about a long-term career path with you as their employer. Talk about opportunities for training, leadership development, coaching, and advancement. Showing stability is especially important during a period of uncertainty.

Gain Assistance with Your Hiring Needs

You need a plan in place to keep costs as low as possible while bringing aboard the talent you need. This may include saving time and money by hiring a contractor rather than a full-time employee. 

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