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Is Texting the New Recruitment Email?

If you’re not including texting in your recruitment process, you’re losing out on potential candidates. The majority of people have a smartphone that they use to search the internet, learn about employers, and apply for jobs. If you receive applications from these candidates and call the most qualified ones to set up a phone screen, odds are they won’t answer or call you back. Since most are busy at work, they’re unlikely to respond to a recruiter while at the office. However, if you were to send candidates a text message, they probably would respond in a short amount of time. This might also alleviate the phone tag game.

Here’s why texting during recruitment is more effective than email or phone calls.

Higher Open and Read Rates

Text messages are more commonly open and read than emails. If you check your phone and compare your number of unread emails to unread texts, you probably have more emails than texts. Texting is a quick, effective way of connecting with candidates and recruits. Unlike email or phone calls, most messages are read and responded to within minutes of receipt.

Increased Flexibility

Text messaging can be used to connect with candidates at any stage of the recruitment process. This includes lead generation, application submittal, initial contact, candidate screening, interview scheduling, follow up, and onboarding. This level of flexibility makes texting a top option to communicate with candidates at any time.

Real-Time Communication

Texting lets you have conversations with candidates about time-sensitive issues. You can schedule or reschedule interviews, discuss salary ranges, respond to questions, and handle other details. This process is much more efficient than email or phone calls, which can take hours to receive a response.

Stronger Discretion

Texting is an effective way to communicate with candidates who are working. They can read and respond to your messages without having their colleagues or manager see what they’re doing. Lack of privacy most likely would prevent candidates from answering your email or phone call while at work.

Time Savings

Texting saves you more time than email or phone calls. You can reach out to multiple candidates at once. You also can automate interview reminders, thank-you messages, and other repetitive messages. This frees up time for high-touch aspects of the recruiting process.

Connect with Candidates

Texting is becoming the best way to communicate with candidates throughout the recruitment process. Be sure your texts are professional and personable, sent during business hours, clear and concise. You’ll increase your response rate and have more candidates to choose from to fill a role.

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