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5 Ways to Show Employees You’re Thankful for Them

One way to keep your team productive and engaged is by showing you are thankful for their efforts. When people feel appreciated and valued, they tend to continue performing actions that attain desired results. This leads to additional praise, continued action, and achievement of further results. For these reasons, it is important you express gratitude for your staff on an ongoing basis.

Here are five ways to show appreciation for your team members. 

Gift a Subscription

Because your employees probably are spending most of their time at home during the coronavirus pandemic, gift them subscriptions to sources of entertainment. Streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney Plus let families relax after a busy day. Also, monthly boxes from companies such as Adults and Crafts Crate or Smart Art cater to individual hobbies, interests, and passions. Plus, meal kits from Blue Apron or Home Chef make meal preparation simpler.  

Send Company Swag or Items your employees “love”

Ship company-branded items to your staff. Some of the best ideas for remote workers include tech accessories to use and manage company technology or fitness gear to promote at-home exercise. Or choose from coffee mugs to help staff stay alert, happy hour accessories for virtual office get-togethers, or self-care items to emphasize overall wellness.  Note from Sally: I’m not too keen on this sentence but I’ll let you decide. Or, keep a list of your employees “favorite things” and throughout the year, surprise them with small gift boxes that contain things they love and will enjoy.

Praise Employees on Social Media

Highlight your team members’ achievements on company social media platforms. With employee consent, let your followers know when new members join your team, staff gets promoted, or team members reach another milestone. Share your employees’ contributions that helped complete a project, solve a problem, or attain an objective. Include a photo of your employees in action and a caption explaining the impact their work had on the company.  

Celebrate Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

Acknowledge staff members’ birthdays and work anniversaries. For instance, send a company-wide email sharing that it’s a team member’s special day. Have a special dessert shipped to their home. Or treat them to lunch with an Uber Eats, Grubhub, or DoorDash gift certificate.  

Plan Virtual Game Days

Invite your team to join in the fun of virtual game days. You might decide to host a virtual clue murder mystery, virtual escape room, or virtual scavenger hunt with help from companies that specialize in these activities. Or you could host a virtual trivia game about your coworkers, a virtual game of monopoly, or a virtual bingo game.  

Showing your team, you are thankful for their hard work provides a multitude of benefits. They are more likely to remain engaged, productive, and performing their best. This contributes to employee happiness and long-term commitment to your organization.

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