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Using HR Development to Empower Employees

Having HR provide opportunities to empower employees provides a variety of benefits. For instance, when the staff knows they can successfully handle issues as they arise, they feel valued, trusted, and respected. Also, team members are able to work independently and collaboratively with little oversight. As a result, managers have more time to finish tasks because employees are handling miscellaneous issues. The company is more effectively run with autonomous staff members.

Here are five ways to create empowered employees through effective HR practices.

Foster Communication

Prioritize communication across all levels of the organization. For instance, the open discussion provides context for employees to understand issues, evaluate problems, and find solutions. Also, sharing company goals and objectives ensures team members understand how their actions can positively contribute. Plus, understanding the work environment helps staff feel confident in making decisions in line with business objectives. Additionally, clarifying expectations lets employees know how much responsibility they have and the degree to which they should take risks.  

Encourage Professional Development

Emphasize the importance of offering access to professional development resources and opportunities. For instance, employees appreciate getting help in enhancing their skillset and career growth. Also, training and development promote confidence in employees’ work and equip them for future roles within the organization.

Promote Feedback

Encourage a feedback loop between managers and team members. These discussions should include what is and is not working and specific suggestions for improvement. Also, include a process where HR follows up with a staff member after a review from their manager to gather feedback about the manager and review experience. This process helps create autonomous employees better equipped to perform their work.  

Emphasize Employee Rewards

Focus on providing managers with employee rewards. Staff typically work harder to refine their abilities, improve performance, and reach goals when rewards are involved. Include monetary or time off incentives to encourage skill development. For instance, offer a small bonus for completing a training program or pursuing professional development opportunities. Be sure the rewards are in line with employee needs and interests. For instance, remote workers may prefer a digital gift card over receiving something in the mail.

Prioritize Delegation

Ensure that managers are trained to delegate. Assigning tasks to team members lets them develop the skills and responsibilities needed to move up in the organization. For instance, encourage staff to find ways to reach an end goal. Also, be sure managers remain nearby to answer questions and provide feedback without micromanaging.  

Using HR development to empower employees helps the company grow. For instance, promoting open communication and feedback lets team members understand business issues and find solutions to problems. Also, when staff members are encouraged to grow professionally, take on additional responsibility, and take calculated risks, they improve their performance. This moves the organization forward.

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