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How to Improve Your Affirmative Action Policies

An affirmative action program is required for any company that does business with the federal government or with a company that does. The goal of implementing an affirmative action program is to prevent discrimination in employment so that qualified candidates have a fair chance at securing a job. Embracing affirmative action means working to identify and change systemic issues for the better. As an HR leader, part of your job includes working with a team to develop and implement these policies.

Here are four ways to enhance your company’s affirmative action program.

Consider Past Implementation

Take a look at how previous affirmative action policies were implemented to determine new approaches. Keep in mind that what worked in the past may not be effective now. For instance, evaluate which approaches to affirmative action were effective. If an approach can be altered to benefit your company, find a way to improve and implement it. Also, determine what is being done after your affirmative action plans are completed. Be sure your company is not skipping the step involving the identification of problem areas and going straight to solutions that increase targeted outreach and recruiting efforts.

Create Thoughtful Solutions

Find ways to promote diversity and inclusion in line with your affirmative action policies. For instance, release statements on social media regarding specific ways your company is building a more inclusive workplace. This may include hiring a certain number of women or  persons of color who meet the job qualifications. Be clear, concrete, and honest in your story and stance. For instance, mention how your organization previously approached diversity and compliance, including its success and shortfalls. Also, share new approaches to be used going forward. Be sure your policies are legal, practical, and appropriate.    

Provide Necessary Resources

Work with other HR leaders to ensure your affirmative action program has the required funding, resources, and support to be effective. For instance, your team can remind company leadership why affirmative action policies exist and how prioritizing diversity & inclusion positively impacts the company. Then, your team can assess what is needed to promote affirmative action and ask for it. 

Conduct Employee Awareness Training

Schedule compliance and awareness training on your affirmative action policies. The goal of this live or online session is to instill a deeper understanding of compliance guidelines. It also will empower your employees with a greater awareness of coworkers’ perspectives and experiences. Be sure to record staff progress and completion of the course.   

Hire an Affirmative Action Consultant

Creating and implementing affirmative action policies goes beyond compliance requirements. Promoting diversity and inclusion in your organization enhances the ability to reach business goals. Having employees with a wider range of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas to work with makes your company innovative, ready to solve problems, and prepared to move forward.

When you need to create and implement affirmative action policies, reach out to Arlington Resources. We have experienced HR professionals who can guide the process to ensure your results are compliant, ethical, and impactful. Learn more today.