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Top HR Trends to Watch in 2021

As we finish up a year full of unpredictability and enter a year full of possibilities, we turn our attention to trends that are developing in the HR industry. Much of what began being emphasized in previous years will continue to be front and center in 2021. Although some of the top trends are coronavirus-related, others have to do with enhancing the workplace.   

Keep an eye out for these three HR trends anticipated in 2021.

Increasing Attention on Diversity and Inclusion

Greater attention will be on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Diversity in gender and ethnicity leads to diversity of thought, work experiences, personalities, and education. Hiring additional women and people of color qualified for a role results in greater operational efficiency and effectiveness and the creation of new products and services. Technology designed to support diversity initiatives will be in higher demand due to increased need.

Stronger Emphasis on Employee Mental Health

Employee mental health will continue to be a top priority. As COVID-19 continues to encourage millions of people to work from home, more individuals are expected to struggle with mental health issues. The added stress of trying to fit in work while caring for dependents and virtually schooling children can lead to substance abuse and other concerns. As a result, more employers are providing mental health and well-being initiatives to enhance feelings of emotional support for staff. HR professionals will talk with employees who feel overwhelmed about working remotely, anxious about their future with the company, or other concerns they have. HR and team managers will use empathy when addressing issues related to working remotely, social distancing, and feeling isolated. If a staff member’s job performance begins to suffer, HR will step in with support and resources to help.      

Greater Need for a Fluid Workforce

The growing need for a workforce composed of temporary, contract, and full-time employees will continue. The economic uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus caused employers to reevaluate their hiring and workforce management models. As a result, many staff members lost their jobs. Temporary or contract workers were brought aboard on an as-needed basis to gain flexibility and save on hiring and retention costs. For this reason, HR teams need to give additional thought and resources to attracting and onboarding temporary and contract workers and measuring their performance.   

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Trends involving diversity and inclusion, employee mental health, and a fluid workforce will continue to shape the HR industry in 2021. Prioritizing these areas will help companies maintain operations as we continue to move forward through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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