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How Flexible Scheduling Can Benefit Your Employees

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, your employees may be working from home. Most of them probably enjoy the flexibility this provides. They don’t have to get ready each morning, commute to the office, put in a full day, commute home, and get ready to repeat the process the next day. Although this setup may be temporary, and your staff may be returning to the office, you should consider letting them work flexible hours. Having control over scheduling their day provides a number of advantages that benefit your company as well.

Discover five ways that flexible scheduling can benefit your staff.

Increased Work-Life Balance

Providing a flexible work schedule increases employees’ ability to balance their work and personal lives. This means they can take care of family obligations and personal interests while managing their workload. Work-life balance is especially important to millennials, who make up the majority of the workforce. Letting employees have a say in when they work makes your company even more attractive to top talent.  

Higher Productivity

Engaging in a flexible schedule strengthens productivity. For instance, being able to complete tasks during peak performance hours allows employees to get more done. Whether early in the morning, mid-afternoon, or late at night, staff can accomplish more during the time they are most engaged. This results in a higher number of finished projects and accomplishments for your company.

Enhanced Professional Development  

Letting your employees set their work hours provides additional time for professional development. Being able to grow and learn on the job is especially attractive to millennials. Most want opportunities for professional enhancement to advance their career. Whether this development happens through job-related training, webinars, seminars, online classes, or other sources, millennials appreciate ongoing learning while they work. This increases your company’s hiring, development, and retention efforts.

Greater Sense of Value

Offering a flexible schedule provides an increased sense of employee value to the company. Staff who feel appreciated and respected are more likely to remain engaged in their work, perform their best, and stay with the company long-term. This results in increased productivity and a healthier bottom line.  

Better Health

Maintaining a flexible schedule increases employees’ physical and mental health. For instance, they’re better equipped to maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and manage their stress levels. Also, since staff can work from home when ill, they remain as productive as possible without spreading germs to coworkers. This means fewer sick days and time off due to illness.

Get Help with Your Hiring Needs

Providing flexible scheduling gives your employees and your company many advantages. Your staff members have increased work-life balance, professional development opportunities, and a greater sense of value to your organization. This results in better employee health, higher productivity, and an increased bottom line. When you need help sourcing HR professionals, get in touch with Arlington Resources. Discover firsthand why we were named on the inaugural Forbes List of America’s Best Recruitment Firms in 2020. Get more information today.