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5 Employee Appreciation Tactics That Will Boost Employee Morale

One of the most effective ways to boost employee morale is through an employee recognition program. This is especially important now, with the increase in working from home and social distancing to stop the coronavirus spread. The more time your team members spend integrating work with their personal lives, the more support they need. Regularly expressing appreciation for your team members’ contributions shows you value their work. As a result, your employees are more inclined to stay engaged and productive when their achievements are rewarded.     

Choose among these five employee appreciation tactics to help boost employee morale.

ABCD Award

Give an ABCD Award when an employee goes above and beyond the call of duty. This means they lead with high integrity standards, show initiative and accountability in their work, and make a positive impact by sharing their knowledge and building connections. Recognizing highly involved employees as role models encourage others to follow their example.

Gift Cards

Send a gift card to recognize an employee’s hard work. They will appreciate being able to buy themselves something to reward their dedication. Some of the most popular gift cards are Amazon, Instacart, Best Buy, Chewy, and Netflix.

Cheers for Peers

Encourage your employees to recognize each other’s contributions. Have them clarify what the teammate did to earn the recognition and how it impacted the company. Be sure to share the news with all of your employees.

Healthy Snacks

Thank your remote employees for their productivity by sending them healthy snack options. Providing foods rich in antioxidants and other nutrients promotes energy, focus, and concentration. Choices may include fresh fruit, nuts, trail mix, or protein bars.    

Corporate Gamification  

Assign point values to a group of tasks your employees can choose to complete. The points are awarded when the tasks are finished. Your employees can redeem their points through a corporate rewards portal. Rewards may include an additional vacation day, company-paid continuing education, or something else that is work-related.

Add HR Professionals to Your Team

During this time of remote work and social distancing, it is more important than ever to increase employee morale through employee recognition. Rewarding your team members for their contributions and achievements increases engagement, performance, and cohesion. The more you show appreciation for your employees, the more valued they feel. This encourages them to stay productive and remain with your organization long-term.

If you need help with your employee appreciation program, reach out to Arlington Resources. We can recruit HR professionals experienced in implementing successful employee recognition programs to increase employee morale. Learn more today.