5 Tips for Recruiting Recent Graduates as HR Employees

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5 Tips for Recruiting Recent Graduates as HR Employees

Some of the top entry-level HR talent is found in recent college graduates. These hard-working, quick learners have a significant amount of the latest information in their field. They also have the enthusiasm, ambition, ideas, and technological savvy needed to be successful. By getting these graduates excited about working for your company, many are likely to pursue job openings within your organization.

Implement these tips to add recent graduates to your HR team.

Establish Long-Term Relationships

Building relationships with campus career services departments, professors, and staff in career placement centers help you connect with students. For instance, if you are active on the school’s network site and LinkedIn, you could schedule a time to talk on campus about career opportunities with your company. You also can build relationships with student organizations, such as clubs or honor societies related to the HR industry, to get recommendations from leadership about who might be a great candidate for your organization.  

Participate in Job Fairs

Stay active in campus job fairs. These are top opportunities to connect with students looking to start their careers. Be sure you give away USB drives, pens, portable charging devices, or other branded items that students will use. Also, have employees from different levels available to talk with the students. Encourage them to initiate conversations by asking about something non-work-related, then continue to ask questions to learn more about the students.  

Focus on Company Culture

College graduates want to know what the company culture is like before deciding whether to work for an organization. They want to know they will be able to form friendships and participate in social opportunities with future coworkers. Be sure to emphasize how your culture promotes social interaction, collaboration, and inter-departmental support in a friendly atmosphere.

Emphasize Work-Life Balance

Point out the ways your company promotes the balance of personal and professional responsibilities. Flexibility in the workplace is very important to graduates. This includes paid vacation and sick days, a flexible schedule, and the ability to work remotely at least once a week.  

Interview for Specific Characteristics

Know what to look for when interviewing recent graduates. For instance, they should have done enough research to understand basic information about your company and the sector you work in. Also, the candidates should be able to point out how they can fill the organization’s needs that are included in the job posting. Plus, they should be able to give specific examples of how their background and education can provide additional value to your organization.  

Source Recent Graduates

Recent college graduates are among the top entry-level HR employees. Their dedication to perform their best, reach goals and enhance others’ lives make them well-suited to help your team and business grow.  

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