Efficient Ways to Fill Job Orders

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Efficient Ways to Fill Job Orders

As recruiters for a staffing agency, our job is to match and present qualified candidates with a client’s job order by a set deadline. This means for our clients that we implement an action plan to work as efficiently as possible to make the placement before the deadline.

Here’s a glimpse into how we efficiently fill client job orders.

Use Current Staffing Software and Keep the Database Updated  

Even after a successful placement, we continuously touch base with clients. By maintaining a database of updated information, we are more in tune with their needs, interests, and other details needed to make the best placements in the future.

Stay Updated on Temporary Professionals and Candidates

We also maintain current contact and resume information about our temporary professionals and candidates. This way, we know which ones are ready to interview for jobs and what their skills and qualifications are. This is especially important for workers who recently finished an assignment and are looking for another one. You gain a head start on placing the right candidates in the right positions.  

Learn From Your Top Recruiters

Find out what the most effective recruiters in your agency are doing to make placements. They most likely have strong self-discipline and organizational skills. These recruiters also probably have systems and procedures in place that can be replicated and followed. Find out what these superstars are doing and encourage other recruiters to follow suit.

Managing Client Expectations

Armed with all the necessary information, we can fill job orders efficiently. There are times when we’ve been given a hard-to-fill position. We place the same level of importance on filling these positions but realistically know that this placement may take longer. We manage client expectations from the start while also discovering why the position has been difficult to fill. Is the job description strong enough or broad enough? Are the candidate’s qualifications beyond what is truly necessary? Does the pay rate need to be increased? We keep our clients informed when challenged to fill an order and why more time may be needed to find qualified candidates.

Learn from a Leading Staffing Agency

Using current staffing software to maintain updated information on clients and candidates helps us efficiently fill job orders. Finding out the systems and procedures our top recruiters use to make placements set an example for others to follow. Setting realistic expectations with our clients enhances our relationships while maintaining our high level of service.

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