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Unique HR Situations Where Contract Positions May Be Beneficial

As an HR professional, you know that hiring employees is both time-consuming and expensive. This is why it is important to consider whether you truly need to hire a permanent worker to fill a business need. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to bring a professional aboard on a temporary basis.

Discover three situations where you may want to hire an HR professional in a contract position.

Your HR Team Is Understaffed

Company growth is challenging when an HR professional unexpectedly leaves. The rest of your team has to take on the tasks and responsibilities left undone by the vacancy. Having more work than your team can handle increases stress and feelings of overwhelm. The longer the role remains unfilled, the closer your professionals may get to experiencing burnout.

Bringing in an HR professional in a contract position can resolve this issue. For instance, they can help your team understand what the company goals should be while you search for a permanent addition. Also, the contractor can help determine how long the staffing issue may remain and how leadership can strategically plan to accommodate. Plus, they can help find ways to automate HR processes and free up time for higher-level activities.  

You Need Specific Skills for a Project

There will be times when your HR team lacks the skills needed for a project. Spending a significant amount of time and money finding an HR professional with the necessary qualifications, then letting them go when the project is finished is not a wise choice.

Your best option is to create a contract position for an HR professional with the specialized skills needed for the project. Whether this involves recruitment, employee relations, safety, training, or compensation and benefits, you gain access to the knowledge and abilities you need.  

Your Team Member Has Planned Leave

When an HR professional has an extended absence planned, such as maternity, paternity, or medical leave, the rest of your team has to pick up the slack. Because the absent employee’s job is protected, you cannot hire a permanent worker to temporarily take over the role. This means that your team members could spend weeks or months adding to their workloads. This can be especially stressful when they are already at their maximum capacity.

Bringing aboard an HR professional in a contract position can help with the workflow. They can handle the responsibilities of the absent employee until they return to the office.   

Hire HR Professionals

There will be times when your HR team lacks certain skills needed for a project, has a member go on leave, or unexpectedly becomes understaffed. One of your best options is to bring an HR professional aboard in a contract position.  

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