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The Importance of Getting to Know Your Employees and Building Relationships

One of the best ways to increase your success as a manager is by building relationships with your team members. As you get to know them, you better understand their personalities, wants, needs, and work styles. This teaches you how to best express appreciation for their efforts, provide guidance to enhance their performance, and reward their results. It also builds trust and respect among your team, further contributing to your company’s success.

Discover seven benefits of getting to know your employees on a personal level.

Stronger Trust

Employees who get along well with their managers experience greater trust. They know they can take calculated risks when developing innovative ideas. When things do not turn out as planned, team members focus on what went wrong and how they can improve next time. They also feel confident talking with their manager about work issues and finding ways to resolve them.

Strengthened Productivity

Staff who regularly have conversations with their managers typically remain productive throughout the day. Because they remain engaged in their tasks, they work hard to accomplish as much as possible in the least amount of time. Knowing their contributions are recognized encourages the employees to exceed expectations.

Elevated Motivation

Staff members who regularly engage with their manager maintain their motivation to perform. Because of their secure relationship, they have a strong desire to do what is asked of them. When challenges arise, these team members step up and overcome them.

More Effective Communication

Team members who often converse with their managers tend to communicate better with colleagues. When an issue or disagreement comes up, they are likely to discuss the matter and find a solution. Finding peaceful resolutions enhances collaboration and camaraderie among teammates. Employees are more productive when they remain open to other viewpoints.

Increased Attendance

Employees who have a personal connection with their manager tend to be absent less. Because they know their work is appreciated, they typically do what they can to come through for the organization.

Higher Employee Satisfaction

Employees who have a relationship with their manager experience greater satisfaction with their jobs. This means they show up each day and perform their best. These team members want to benefit the business because they feel respected for their efforts.

Greater Employee Retention

Team members whose manager takes an active interest in their life tend to remain loyal to the company longer. Because these employees feel like respected members of the organization, they are more likely to look for ways to provide additional value. This often results in advancement within the organization, further encouraging staff members to stay long-term.

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When you get to know your employees on a personal level, you increase trust and respect among your team. This results in increased engagement, productivity, and loyalty to the organization.

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