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Tips For Creating a More Inclusive Work Environment

There is substantial research that shows diversity brings many advantages to organizations: more creativity and perspectives, increased problem-solving abilities, resiliency, and effectiveness, to name a few. Inclusion focuses on embracing and celebrating the differences and similarities among people. In the workplace, this involves acknowledging the differences in employees’ ethnicity, background, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and other characteristics that make them who they are. Valuing these differences helps staff members feel valued and respected for their individuality. This enhances innovation, engagement, productivity, job satisfaction, and retention.

Use these tips to increase inclusivity in your work environment.

Connect with Your Employees

Get to know your team members on a personal level. This sets an example for everyone to follow. For instance, learn all you can about your employees’ families, hobbies, and personal interests. Also, look for commonalities that you can share stories about. Additionally, ask questions about the things you want to learn about. The more your team members know you care about them as people, the more likely they are to trust you and open up about work issues.

Promote Speaking Up During Meetings

Encourage each employee to add to the discussions during meetings. For instance, send the agenda in advance, so everyone knows what they will talk about. This is especially important for introverts who prefer time to consider issues before sharing their thoughts. It also helps employees whose native language is not English to make sure they understand in advance what will be discussed. Also, set aside time during the meeting for everyone to contribute their ideas and thoughts. Make sure each staff member has a chance to speak before concluding the discussion.

Celebrate Cultural Differences

Invite your staff members to share their traditions with the team. This is an effective way to promote learning, self-expression, and respect for diversity. For instance, create a shared calendar for your employees to add the festivities that are important to them. Your staff members may want to give a bit of background on the event and organize a small celebration at the office. Also, consider allowing time for individual prayer or meditation during the workday. Your employees should be able to safely and privately engage in their religious beliefs at the office. Additionally, train your staff on cultural diversity. This may include organizing a monthly workshop that discusses gender identity, microaggressions at work, mental health, or common stereotypes.

Work with a Recruitment Agency

Having an inclusive work environment involves knowing your employees on a personal level, encouraging each to contribute during meetings, and celebrating their differences. The more valued and respected your team members feel for being their authentic selves, the greater engagement, productivity, job satisfaction, and retention you will have. If you need help increasing inclusivity in your work environment, talk with the experts at Arlington Resources. Contact us today.