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Speeding Up Your Hiring Process

If you are having trouble hiring your top candidates, odds are your recruitment process is taking too long. The more time your team takes to make decisions, the more likely candidates are to accept jobs elsewhere. You should be able to alleviate this problem by shortening your hiring process.

Follow these guidelines to speed up your recruitment process.

Set Goals

Create a hiring process workflow that helps you reach your goals. Include the qualifications you need in a new hire, the milestones in the recruitment process, and when you plan to reach them. This increases candidate engagement in your hiring process as you quickly make decisions to determine who should receive a job offer. Otherwise, your top candidate likely will decide to work elsewhere.

Engage Candidates

Regularly reach out to candidates throughout your hiring process. They need to know where they are at, what the next steps are, and how to prepare. Also, keep candidates informed about where you are with making decisions. Plus, follow up with additional details of the position and answers to their questions. If candidates do not hear from you, they may lose interest and take themselves out of the running.

Strategically Schedule Interviews

Ask the members of your interview team to be available within the same timeframe during which you need to meet with candidates. This cuts down on the time between conducting interviews and making decisions. Being prepared to extend a job offer as soon as possible makes it more likely your best candidate will become your new hire.

Make Fast Decisions

Use your applicant tracking system to create a schedule for making hiring decisions. For instance, set up alerts to let each team member know when a deadline is approaching, or a candidate is spending too much time in one stage of the hiring process. Also, make sure each of your team members sticks to the schedule, so your process moves forward. Failure to do so can result in losing your best candidates.

Prepare Your Offer Letters

Have copies of your job offer letters ready to be customized and sent. You can tailor the details for each candidate as soon as you make hiring decisions. The less time it takes for your top candidate to receive an offer letter, the more likely they are to accept the role.   

Work with Arlington Resources

Your slow hiring process likely is to blame for losing your best candidates to competitors. By taking steps to decrease the time between interviewing candidates, making decisions, and communicating the results, you are likely to maintain candidate engagement and bring aboard the new hire of your choice.

Arlington Resources can help speed up your hiring process. Learn more today.