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Winning the Battle When Your Star Candidate Is Juggling Counteroffers

When you find your top candidate to fill an HR role, odds are their current employer will use a counteroffer to try to keep them. If the employer is successful, you have to continue your recruitment process. Fortunately, you can take action to increase the odds of hiring the talent you want.

Use these tactics to encourage your top candidate to turn down a counteroffer and work for you.

Uncover the Reasons for Wanting a New Role

Find out why your candidate is leaving their current position and what they are looking for in their next one. They may want greater compensation, bigger challenges, or opportunities for promotion. Use this insight to point out how working for your organization can benefit the candidate. You may be offering more salary or better benefits, significant issues to resolve, or a clearer career path than the current employer. Show that your candidate would find greater long-term happiness and job satisfaction with your company than the one they are at.

Offer a Competitive Salary and Benefits Package

Determine a reasonable compensation range for an employee with the candidate’s skills, experience, qualifications, and other relevant factors. Use this information to offer a higher salary and better benefits than what they have. This can encourage your candidate to leave their current organization and work for you.  

Promote Your Company Culture

Employees need to fit with your culture in order to be successful. This is why you should get to know your candidate’s core values, work style, personality, and other relevant characteristics. Use what you uncover to point out how they align with your organization’s mission, vision, and values. For instance, show how positive leadership, open communication, flexible work conditions, rapid career progression, and social activities make your company an attractive place to work. Also, share photos and videos of employees at work and company events and stories of why staff members enjoy working for you.

Talk About Counteroffers

Find out whether your best candidate expects a counteroffer from their current employer and how they would address it. Their response indicates whether they might continue to a new opportunity or stay where they are. Remind your candidate that even if they are offered a salary increase, the other problems they have been experiencing will remain. No matter how much money an employee makes, they need to be satisfied in other areas of their work to remain long-term. If your candidate accepts a counteroffer, they likely will restart their job search within 3-6 months because of dissatisfaction with their job. If this happens, it may benefit you to remain in touch with the candidate.

Work with Arlington Resources

Your top candidate may receive a counteroffer when they put in their resignation with their current employer. Emphasizing their reasons for seeking a new position, offering competitive compensation, and emphasizing your attractive company culture can encourage your top candidate to accept your job offer. Preparing them with reasons to turn down a counteroffer may be beneficial as well.

When you are in the market for an HR professional, let Arlington Resources know. Find out more today.