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4 Tips to Better Track Your Employee Training Program

Tracking your employee training program provides a variety of benefits. It can uncover whether employees prefer video training, e-learning, coaching, mentoring, or some combination of these. Tracking also can help determine how well staff members implement what they learned. Additionally, it can substantially increase the revenue per employee your company brings in. These are reasons why you need to be tracking your employee training progress.

Implement these four tips to track the success of your employee training program.

1.  Decide Which Tracking Method to Use

Depending on your needs and budget, you may want to use a learning management system or a spreadsheet. One advantage of using a learning management system is the ability to access information from anywhere and on a regular basis. Another is that all employees receive the same training. Additionally, the tracking is built into the learning management system. However, you may decide to use a spreadsheet if you need only a small amount of data. This process is easy to implement, has little to no overhead costs, and does not require additional hardware or software.

2. Choose Which Data to Track

Decide what the most important criteria are that you want to track. A good place to start may be employee engagement. Because staff who are engaged are likely to be invested in the success of the company, they typically find ways to continue learning as they achieve goals and remain with your organization. Conversely, employees who are disengaged tend not to be actively involved in learning. This is when you need to reassess your program. Perhaps your training goals do not align with what is needed. Or the method of delivery may be inefficient.  

3. Set Up a Tracking Process

Determine which details to analyze in your employee training program. This may include training completion dates, facilitator evaluation, or time logged into or out of training modules. Other details include the dates for the tracking progress, who will assist with this activity, the resources needed, and how to write a report or collect evidence. Use the foundation of the process to generate reports and recommendations to develop better training methods and improve results.

4. Assess Employee Learning

Determine how well staff are implementing what they learn in their training program. For instance, you may include assessments of work performance both before and after training. Then, share your findings in one-on-one meetings with your employees. Also, ask for their feedback on the training program and its effectiveness. Include open-ended questions that seek honest answers and specific ways to improve.

Track Your Employee Training Program

Tracking your employee learning program shows whether your staff is effectively understanding and implementing their new knowledge and skills. The better equipped your team is to perform their work, the more engaged and productive they should be. This results in stronger team cohesion and employee retention.

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