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Top Talent Aren’t Getting Just One Offer! Here Is How You Should Approach a Counteroffer

When bringing aboard HR talent, many of your top candidates are likely to receive counteroffers from their current employers. Because employee retention is significantly less expensive and time-consuming than recruitment, the managers are likely to provide incentives to encourage your best applicants to keep the jobs they already have. This is why you need to educate your potential hires on what to do in case they are asked to stay with their current employer.

Implement these tips to encourage your best HR candidates not to accept a counteroffer from their current employer.

Bring Up the Topic Early

Take time throughout the interview process to discuss with your shortlisted applicants the possibility of receiving a counteroffer from their manager. Use what you learned about why the candidate is looking for a new job so you can remind them of their reasons for leaving. This can be helpful in persuading your best applicants to accept your potential job offer and maintain their decision to leave their current company.  

Advise on the Resignation Process

Your choice HR hire may feel anxious or stressed about leaving their current role. They likely will need to work for at least 2 weeks before starting with your company. This may be a less than positive experience. Be sure you provide reassurance that your new hire made the right choice in coming to work for you. This can stop them from reneging on their decision to change jobs.

Point Out the Benefits of Change

Reinforce your new HR employee’s reasons for making a job change. They went through the process of applying, interviewing, and accepting the role because they were unhappy with where they were. Be sure to point out the most attractive elements of the new position. This may include the team, responsibilities, company culture, and potential for career progression. It also may involve the job title, office, location, flexibility, and benefits. You can add the specific reasons your new hire gave for leaving their previous employer to further convince them they made the right decision.

Are You Looking for Top HR Talent?

When you are in the market for HR professionals to join your team, your top candidate likely will receive a counteroffer from their current employers. Educating your most desirable applicant on how to turn down these offers can mean the difference between bringing about the new hire you want or having to settle for second best.

If you need help handling counteroffers, talk with the experts at Arlington Resources. We look forward to helping you.