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Give Thanks to Your Team! 5 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Because of the benefits that employee appreciation provides, it should be expressed in big and small ways throughout each day. This promotes motivation, commitment, and the desire for your HR team to improve their performance. It also demonstrates how much you value your staff’s contributions and results that move the company forward. These are reasons why you should express gratitude to your team members on a daily basis.

Discover five ways to give thanks for your HR team’s efforts and accomplishments.

1.     Provide Financial Incentives

A spot bonus, attendance bonus, quarterly bonus, or end-of-year bonus is a great way to reward your HR team for their hard work and dedication. You also can provide a salary increase for reaching company goals. Other options include additional vacation days, surprise days off after a significant accomplishment, a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or unscratched lottery tickets. Your team members will appreciate the monetary reward.

2.     Offer Food

Take your team out for lunch or dinner for a birthday, work anniversary, or reaching a company goal. Another option is to order pizza or take out from a caterer or place of your team’s choice. Or, bring in gourmet cupcakes, brownies, and cookies from a local bakery for your team to enjoy. They will enjoy the indulgence.

3.     Give a Personalized Gift

Discover some of the main interests each of your employees has, then reward them with relevant gifts for accomplishing significant goals. The rewards may include a self-improvement book, motivational coffee mug, or subscription to an industry magazine. Your employees will appreciate your acknowledgment in a way that has personal meaning to them.

4.     Organize a Team Outing

Set up an activity outside the office that your team members can enjoy together. This may include a local sporting event, outdoor music festival, or camping weekend. Or, it could be a fancy dinner with each employee and their partner, a spa day, or a theater production. Your staff will enjoy making memories through a shared experience.

5.     Arrange for Home Services

Cover the costs for a weekly meal kit delivery, monthly house cleaning, or television subscription service of each staff member’s choosing. After a busy day at the office, these services can help ease the stress of deciding what is for dinner, finding time to clean, and choosing how to relax for the evening. Your team members will be better able to decompress after work and on the weekends.

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Expressing employee appreciation every day speaks volumes to your staff. They need to know that their contributions matter and their results make a difference in the organization.

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