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Benefits of Getting People Back to Work in 2022

If your company is focused on returning staff to the office, it probably has not been an easy process. Your working parents likely have been enjoying the additional time spent with their children while working from home. Also, many of your employees may not feel it is safe to return to the onsite work environment. However, there are many benefits of having your teams return to work. Once everyone is able to establish a new routine, the shift back to the office will be worth the effort.

Discover some advantages of bringing your employees back to the office.

Work-Life Balance

Because the majority of employees get more work done at home than at the office, they face a greater risk of burnout. Many staff members feel that because they do not have a commute, they should be using the additional time to finish more tasks. Others believe that they should be putting in longer hours in exchange for working from home. This can lead to working late at night or in the early morning hours. Not enforcing set hours can lead to burnout. Having set office hours can alleviate this issue.


Teams are much more innovative when they are face to face. Talking with teammates while sharing the same space tends to increase spontaneity, creativity, and ingenuity. Being together lets everyone feed off each other’s energy. This helps free up minds and develop ideas until they come to fruition.  

Problem Solving

Issues are easier to resolve when teammates collaborate in person. Face-to-face interaction is especially helpful for employees who need to quickly solve problems. Teammates can get together and use a whiteboard to talk through an issue and develop potential resolutions easier than if they tackle the problem over Zoom.


The camaraderie that develops among onsite colleagues and coworkers is stronger than for those who work remotely. The staff members can get together to talk during their breaks and lunch hour. They can share stories, learn from each other, and provide support when needed. This is especially important for newer employees who can learn from the ideas, experiences, and feedback of more seasoned staff. The shared experiences help build relationships and strengthen bonds among colleagues and coworkers. This increases collaboration and functioning as a team.

Do You Need to Hire HR Staff?

Bringing your employees back to work in the office promotes innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration. Having set hours encourages work-life balance and guards against burnout. These are some of the reasons why you should be focused on shifting your staff back to working onsite.

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