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How to Make Your Job Openings Appeal to a Wider Pool of Candidates

In order to stay competitive, your company needs a diverse workforce. The greater the differences in your employees’ backgrounds, the more innovative your employees will be. The ability to share, develop, and implement ideas increases employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention. This is why your job openings need to attract more diverse candidates. The greater the diversity in your candidate pools, the higher the quality of your new hires.

Implement these four tips to attract more diverse candidates to your job openings.

Use Inclusive Language in Your Job Descriptions

Monitor the words you use to describe the job duties and responsibilities. For instance, avoid using gender-coded words such as “ninja” or “rock star.” These words tend to attract more male applicants than female applicants. Instead, choose gender-neutral words that encourage women and people of color to apply. Also, share whether accommodations can be made for people with disabilities. This may include offering a flexible schedule or improving the accessibility of the work area. Plus, mention that age diversity is one of your hiring goals. This can attract more seasoned applicants to your workforce.  

Advertise in Diverse Places

Share your job postings in areas that diverse candidates tend to spend their time. For instance, upload your postings to job boards where women, people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, seniors, and people with disabilities tend to visit. Also, partner with alumni programs at universities and community colleges to attract more seasoned candidates. Plus, work with a staffing agency that specializes in diversity hiring for your industry.

Customize Your Equal Opportunity Hiring Statement

Change your equal employment opportunity (EEO) statement to reflect your company culture. This shows you prioritize unbiased recruiting and employment practices. You are likely to attract more applicants who differ in race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, and veteran or disability status.

Mention Your Mentorship Program

Include your mentoring program in your job postings. Mentoring relationships encourage employees to be their authentic selves. The process is about instructing and belonging to an organization. Mentoring shows that a seasoned team member is there to advise and share their knowledge with a newer team member. This helps employees of all backgrounds gain access to learning and development. Getting hands-on assistance with career development is attractive to diverse candidates.

Need Help with Diversity Hiring?

The greater the differences in the background your employees have, the more creative, collaborative, and successful your workforce is. This is why hiring traditionally marginalized employees needs to be a priority. Your company benefits from increased engagement, job satisfaction, and retention.

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