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What College Graduates Are Looking for in Their Job Search

It’s that time of year again! College graduations are taking place throughout the country. This provides ample opportunities to add HR professionals to your team.

Today’s new job seekers tend to want specific benefits and perks that cater to their needs and interests. Offering these benefits and perks can make your company highly attractive to these candidates.

Discover four benefits and perks you can offer recent college graduates to help your company stand out and attract new candidates.

Robust Benefits

Many recent graduates desire a benefits package that aligns with their current career and life circumstances. Along with health insurance and a retirement plan with employer match, these benefits may include student loan repayment, paid family and personal leave, or financial planning education. 

Offering benefits like these help fill recent graduates’ needs. Showing you care about their well-being encourages these graduates to want to work for you.

Work-Life Balance

The majority of new college graduates desire the ability to balance their professional and personal responsibilities and interests. The ability to control their time is especially important for graduates who have or want to establish families.

Consider offering remote or hybrid work, a flexible schedule, plenty of paid time off, and mental health services. These benefits and perks help decrease the stress of transitioning out of school and into the workforce.  

Supportive Company Culture

Virtually all recent graduates pay attention to company culture when deciding which employer they want to work for. Most graduates prioritize a culture that fosters, recognizes, and rewards their contributions and achievements.

Make sure your company offers competitive compensation, flexibility, and opportunities for promotion. Long-term support for career growth typically is more important than a brand-new office or a break room stocked with snacks.

Career Development Opportunities

Recent college graduates want to work for employers that offer career training and leadership development. Because these graduates are just starting their careers, they desire all the support they can get.

You may want to provide a mentorship program, skill-building opportunities, or leadership development meetings with senior employees. Demonstrating your commitment to employee growth and development helps your company stand out and attract candidates.

Are You Looking to Add to Your HR Team?

Recent college graduates tend to look for robust benefits, work-life balance, supportive company culture, and career development opportunities when deciding which employer to work for. Providing these benefits and perks helps you stand out. The more you fill new graduates’ needs, the more likely they are to apply for your jobs.  

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