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How to Protect the Mental Health of Your HR Team

As an HR manager, the mental health of your team needs to be one of your top priorities. Because we continue to experience the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout continue to be concerns for many employees.

As the leader of your team, you help shape the discussion and behaviors related to mental health. This is why you need to talk about issues related to mental health and model behaviors that support mental wellness. This encourages your team to follow suit.

Choose among these actions to help protect the mental health of your HR team.

Normalize Discussions of Mental Health

Openly talk about mental health concerns. Almost all employees have experienced challenges with their mental health. Emphasize the importance of getting help when needed.

Share with your team your experiences dealing with mental health concerns. This helps you appear human, relatable, and brave. It also helps your employees feel comfortable opening up about their own struggles.

Model Healthy Behaviors

Show your team how you prioritize mental health. This should include modeling self-care and setting boundaries. You might take a walk after lunch, go to a weekly therapy appointment, or schedule a staycation where you completely unplug from work.

Your actions encourage your team to prioritize their own mental health. This helps decrease the odds of your team members experiencing anxiety, depression, or burnout.

Regularly Check in with Your Team

Talk with your team on a regular basis each day. This is especially important if they work remotely.

Look for signs that a team member is struggling with mental health concerns. Ask specific questions to find out which types of support may be helpful. Pay close attention to what your team member says. Do what you can to help them.

Offer Flexibility

Be sure to accommodate your team members’ changing circumstances and needs. For instance, check-in during times of transition to see if anyone needs help to solve a problem or resolve an issue. This may involve challenges with finding daycare or feeling the need to work all the time.

Be as generous and realistic as possible. This might include letting your team members set their schedules and work fewer hours as long as their tasks are finished on time.  

Share how you changed your own behavior to accommodate your changing situation. Perhaps you are working odd hours because of your childcare responsibilities. Encourage your team to share their own behavioral changes as well.

Want Help with Hiring?

Encourage your HR team members to prioritize their mental health. This may include normalizing the discussion of mental health or modeling healthy behaviors such as self-care. It also might involve regularly checking in with your team or providing flexibility to deal with changing circumstances.

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