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Struggling to Get Applicants? Why You Need to Examine Your Hiring Process and How Long It Takes to Hear Back

Following up with each applicant is important for your hiring process. Applicants need to know whether you received their resume, would like to schedule an interview, or want to offer them a job.

If you’re not regularly following up with applicants, you may struggle to fill your job openings. The following are some reasons why regular follow-up matters.

Discover why ongoing communication with applicants is an important part of hiring the best talent.

Show Respect

Responding to applicants within an appropriate amount of time shows respect. It takes a significant amount of time to research companies and opportunities. The fact that an applicant decided they want to work for your company says a lot about your organization.

Notifying the applicant that you received their resume shows you appreciate their time. The same concept applies when you let the applicant know whether they still are being considered for a role after an interview. If you reach out to let an applicant know you decided to go with someone else, they are likely to keep your company in mind for future opportunities.

Be sure to use your applicant tracking system (ATS) to automate your applicant responses. This saves time while still responding to each applicant.

Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

Ongoing communication during your hiring process provides a desirable candidate experience. This communication involves where candidates are in the process, what the next steps are, and when they should hear from you again.

The more candidates remain informed, the more they remain engaged in the process. This increases the likelihood of your top candidate accepting a job offer. It also elevates the quality of your hires.

Keep Your Talent Pipelines Full

Continuously communicating with applicants keeps your talent pools filled. The more applicants understand your hiring process and their place in it, the more secure they feel about their job search. Even if an applicant ends up not being chosen for a position, letting them know they may be contacted for a future role can provide hope for a successful outcome.

Elevate Your Employer Brand

Regularly following up with each applicant contributes to your employer brand. Many applicants share employer reviews on sites such as Glassdoor. Also, most job seekers read employer reviews to decide which companies they want to work for.  

As a result, you want your employer reviews to be as positive as possible. This enhances your company’s reputation. It also encourages candidates to apply with your organization.  

Want Help Finding HR Candidates?

Ongoing communication with applicants helps improve your hiring process. Applicants who feel respected and have a positive experience are likely to tell other job seekers about your company. This helps keep your talent pipelines full. It also enhances your employer brand.

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