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Ways to Properly Manage a Hybrid Team

Managing a team is challenging. Managing a hybrid team is even more difficult.

Your employees have diverse needs that must be met. They also have changing circumstances that impact their productivity.

As a result, managing your team while treating everyone fairly is hard. You must ensure that employees working onsite or remotely stay engaged and productive. You also have to monitor stress levels to avoid employee burnout.

Zippia published some key hybrid work statistics and the future of work.

Citation: Zippia. “30 Essential Hybrid Work Statistics [2022]: The Future Of Work” Sep. 22, 2022,

Follow these guidelines to properly manage your hybrid team.

Set Expectations

Talk with your employees about your practices and protocols for hybrid work. Let them know which parts of your culture will remain the same and which parts will be modified.

For instance, share how and when you will communicate and who has access to which information. Also, state who needs to be in which meetings and involved in which decisions.

Work with your employees to establish an agreement on norms for communication. Examples include whether your employees always should include the team and whether recipients must acknowledge every message. Also, create guidelines for when to use the phone, email, video conferencing, a communication platform, or another method to share information.

Clarify how your employees should structure their work hours. Keep in mind that your employees working remotely may want flexibility with their schedules. Conversely, your employees working onsite may want structure. Work to find a compromise that satisfies both groups.

Clarify Priorities

Let your employees know what your priorities are at a given time. This lets your employees know what they should be working on.

Consider holding a Monday meeting to prioritize the work that must get accomplished throughout the week. Also, discuss the deliverables you would like to have if your employees are able to complete them.

Provide Support

Your employees are under more stress than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, they need you to be supportive.

For instance, regularly have in-person conversations or video calls with each of your employees. Learn more about their changing circumstances and concerns.

Keep in mind that some employees may feel resentful about having to work onsite a few days each week. Others may believe working remotely puts them at a disadvantage for promotions.

Encourage your employees to talk openly about how they feel. Actively listen and support them.

Show you want to help your employees however you can. This demonstrates respect for your team.

Watch for Burnout

Pay attention to your employees’ stress levels. Many employees are irritable and exhausted because of the ongoing changes and uncertainty related to the ongoing pandemic and the economy.

If you notice changes in an employee’s behavior, privately talk with them. They may be overwhelmed and need help prioritizing. Or, you might need to reassign some of the employee’s tasks to another team member.

Want Help Hiring?

Setting expectations and clarifying priorities let employees know what to work on and when to complete it. Providing support and watching for burnout show you value employee contributions and results. These actions help you properly manage your hybrid team.

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