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Would Your Employee Make a Great Manager?

Externally hiring a manager can be challenging. You need a candidate with the right leadership skills, experience, and personality to be successful in the role.

Promoting one of your current employees to a managerial position can be easier. You already know whether the employee has the qualifications to excel in the role.

As a result, consider hiring internally to fill a managerial position. The following tips can help.

Look for these characteristics to determine whether an employee would be an effective manager.

The Employee Is a Natural Leader

You may have an employee whom other employees turn to for answers or support. This employee is trusted for their leadership and problem-solving skills. They likely would make a great manager.

The Employee Gets Along with Others

Managers must work with employees with diverse personalities and backgrounds. They must embrace others’ differences and make decisions with the available information. An employee with these qualities would make an effective manager.

The Employee Is Self-Motivated

An employee who performs well with little supervision is valuable. They understand their role and impact on the organization. The employee also envisions the company’s future and how they can help achieve business goals. This employee would make an effective manager.

The Employee Maintains a Positive Attitude

Managers set an example for their employees. Modeling appropriate behavior includes having a positive attitude. This means remaining calm during stressful situations, facilitating peaceful resolutions to conflict, and overcoming obstacles. An employee who exhibits these behaviors is manager material.

The Employee Remains Engaged

Engagement in tasks shows enthusiasm for the work. This attention to detail ensures tasks get completed correctly and on time. Engagement also increases productivity, job satisfaction, and retention. These are important characteristics in determining who should become a manager.

The Employee Enjoys Learning

An employee who prioritizes learning changes along with their company and industry. The employee regularly adds to their knowledge and skill set in order to stay competitive. This equips the employee to become an effective manager.

The Employee Takes on Additional Tasks

An employee who volunteers for the work nobody else wants is valuable. They understand that part of leadership involves handling undesirable tasks. This sets apart the employee from their teammates. It also positions the employee for a management role.

The Employee Supports the Team

Fighting for the team is important. This shows the employee puts the team’s needs ahead of their own. An employee with this characteristic often speaks up during team meetings and group discussions. They often put the team’s best interest ahead of their own. These are important qualities in a manager.

Looking to Hire HR Leaders?

Knowing which qualities to look for in a manager makes it easier to promote your employees. Filling senior roles with the right employees helps make more informed business decisions to move the company forward.

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