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Tips for Filling HR Positions

Filling HR positions in a candidate-driven market can be challenging. This is especially true during The Great Resignation. Millions of employees are leaving their jobs for opportunities that better fit their goals, values, and interests.

Fortunately, having an idea of what candidates are looking for in HR positions makes it easier to hire. These suggestions can help.

Implement these tips for filling HR positions.

Offer a Competitive Salary Range

Include in your job postings the salary ranges being offered for your HR positions. Job seekers can decide whether their current compensation falls within these ranges and they should learn more about your opportunities.

Job seekers can use your salary range and other relevant details to decide whether to apply for a role. Having only truly interested applicants in your pool saves time when reviewing resumes and deciding whom to contact for interviews.

Source Candidates Based on Experience

Reach out to active and passive candidates with the experience levels required for your HR positions. Otherwise, candidates will not be successful in the roles.

Candidates have time to pursue only the positions that fit their goals, skills, experience, and interests. Therefore, approaching candidates with relevant opportunities increases the likelihood of having them want to learn more.

The farther you bring candidates through your hiring process, the more likely you are to have the best one accept your job offer. This increases the effectiveness of your HR team.

Regularly Communicate Throughout Your Hiring Process

Keep applicants informed about where they are in your hiring process. This includes what the next step is and how to prepare for it.

Respond to questions as quickly as possible. Show respect for the applicants’ time.

Maintaining engagement throughout the hiring process demonstrates what it would be like working for you. Setting the proper tone impacts your employer brand and encourages applicants to want to work for you. This increases your likelihood of filling your HR positions with the best talent.

Ask Relevant Interview Questions

Focus on a candidate’s hard and soft skills and behavioral intelligence during an interview. For instance, if you need to hire an HR manager, you might ask:

How do you find the most qualified applicants for different roles?

The candidate should outline their sourcing process from beginning to end. Listen for how the candidate’s resourcefulness and leadership skills would drive results for your business.

  • Focus on familiarity with job boards, direct advertising, employee referrals, networking events, and other recruitment tools.
  • Determine the candidate’s willingness to take initiative and drive results
  • Look for experience using social media recruitment and other modern sourcing methods

Can you talk about a time when you helped resolve a conflict between an employee and upper-level management?

The candidate should clearly show their conflict resolution and leadership skills. Listen for strong conflict-resolution and mediation skills and the ability to remain impartial.

How do you stay current on compliance with national labor laws?

The candidate should understand the regulation of minimum wage, local and national taxes, worker’s compensation, and health insurance. They also should have resources to remain compliant with company standards. Listen for knowledge of compliance issues and national labor laws, staying informed on legislation changes, and seeking expertise when needed.

Need Help Filling HR Positions?

Offering a competitive salary range and sourcing candidates based on experience help you fill HR positions. Regularly communicating throughout your hiring process and asking relevant interview questions help you extend job offers to the best applicants.

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