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HR Roles Among the Fastest-Growing in the U.S.

The 2023 LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list shows that five HR roles are among the fastest-growing in the U.S. The data show that roles such as Human Resources Analytics Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Employee Experience Manager, Chief People Officer, and Head of Rewards fill critical functions in business operations.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, employers had to continuously shift to meet employees’ changing needs. This included finding the right blend of benefits and flexibility to attract and retain talent.

Currently, HR is focused on maintaining employee engagement, job satisfaction, and company loyalty. As a result, HR roles have become even more focused and essential to create a positive employee experience and reach business goals.

Find out why HR roles are among the fastest-growing in the United States.

Growing Need for HR Specialists

The increase in specialized roles is partly due to many HR generalists having to take on too many responsibilities in previous years and experiencing burnout. Hiring specialists to fulfill the duties they are passionate about helps increase business performance and reduce burnout among HR professionals.

HR generalists who want to move into specialized roles might be able to transition internally. Because many diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and employee experience roles are being created, HR generalists should be equipped to lead in these areas.

Increasing Demand for Employee Experience Managers

Employee Experience Managers oversee the processes that support employee engagement, well-being, and development within a company. Their goal is to improve productivity, job satisfaction, and retention.

Employee Experience Managers fulfill a range of duties and responsibilities:

  • Create strategies to develop a positive employee experience
  • Effectively allocate company resources to attain desired outcomes
  • Organize workplace learning
  • Onboard new hires
  • Oversee employee engagement surveys
  • Share employee feedback with company leaders
  • Include employee feedback when setting company goals and objectives
  • Assist with budgeting for hiring and employee investment
  • Evaluate people analytics
  • Assist with managing DEI and employee well-being
  • Coach and mentor employees

Get Help Filling Your HR Roles

HR roles are among the fastest-growing in the United States. The growing need for HR specialists, including Employee Experience Managers, means there is a range of openings that fit job seekers’ skills and interests.

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