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3 Tips for Starting Q2 Strong

Starting Q2 strong helps keep your company competitive. You can capitalize on the momentum gained in the previous 90 days as a foundation for success.

What worked in the last quarter might not work in Q2. As a result, you must revisit the planned approaches to company goals and determine whether they need to be updated.

Making time for planning each quarter helps your organization stay relevant. You can take advantage of opportunities for change to better prepare for Q2 and beyond.

Implement these three tips for starting Q2 strong.

1.     Assess the Company’s Performance

Analyze your organization’s year-to-date performance. Include what went well, what needs improvement, and which corrective actions can make Q2 better.

Begin by identifying your company’s three top achievements. Focus on what was learned from each accomplishment. Use your findings as a foundation for success in Q2.

Then, identify your organization’s biggest missed targets. Determine why they were not reached and what could be done to attain them in Q2. Focus on what was learned from not achieving these targets and how to prevent making the same mistakes.

Finally, use your findings to set goals to start Q2 strong. Use the insight you gained to improve the company’s performance over the next 90 days.

2.     Clarify Objectives and Key Results

Develop the objectives and key results to attain during Q2. These initiatives can be changed as needed throughout the next 90 days to remain aligned with business goals.

The objectives should be challenging and memorable enough to motivate employees to reach them. There should be no more than 5 key results for each objective to keep them attainable.

Setting objectives and key results keeps employees working toward common goals. Employees can move in the same direction to attain the desired outcomes.

3.     Focus on Revenue Drivers

Invest your time in money-making activities. Delegate or outsource the rest of your tasks.

For instance, onboarding and training increase productivity, performance, and retention. Since these activities generate revenue, HR professionals should handle them.

Conversely, the hiring process does not bring in money. Therefore, it should be outsourced to a local staffing firm that specializes in HR.

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Assessing the company’s year-to-date performance and clarifying objectives and key results help start Q2 strong. Focusing on revenue drivers and outsourcing your hiring needs free up time to focus on revenue-generating business activities.

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