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Spring Ahead with These HR Industry Tips

Now is an excellent time to spring ahead with a few HR industry tips. Taking an employee-centric approach to HR duties and responsibilities will promote success for your organization throughout the year.

Focusing on the employee experience, employee-manager relationships, and adding contingent workers to your teams are among the most effective HR industry tips to help you spring ahead. Find out more about how implementing these initiatives can elevate your bottom line.

Help your company spring ahead with these HR industry trips.

Prioritize the Employee Experience

The quality of your employee experience impacts your success in attracting and retaining talent. As a result, Gartner’s HR Top Priorities 2023 report showed that 47% of the 800 HR leaders surveyed cited employee experience as a top priority for the year.

Every milestone affects whether job seekers apply to your openings and how long employees remain with your company. This includes everything from a candidate’s first impression of your company and their movement through your hiring, onboarding, and training processes to their last day with your organization.

You can prioritize the employee experience by offering remote or hybrid work arrangements, a flexible schedule, and customized benefits to fulfill employees’ needs. Also, offer a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional health through your benefits package, employee resource groups (ERGs), and other offerings.

Encourage Employee-Manager Relationships

Employees want their managers to be authentic and empathetic. This is especially important as many employees have remote or hybrid work arrangements. As a result, you should encourage managers to get to know their employees on a personal level.

You can provide managers with training to develop their soft skills for more effective employee interactions. Being honest, expressing vulnerability, and respecting boundaries promote trust, a shared commitment, and accountability in reaching company goals.

For instance, every one-on-one meeting should include a discussion about the employee’s well-being and development as well as their performance and results. Also, employee accomplishments and their impact on the organization should be recognized and rewarded.

Managers who build relationships with their employees increase job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention. These activities increase the bottom line.

Blend Contingent Workers with Full-Time Employees

Filling job openings has become more challenging than ever during The Great Resignation. Fortunately, you can bring aboard temporary workers to fill in while you find permanent replacements. Or, you can create temp-to-hire roles to determine whether a worker has the necessary skills and fits your company’s culture. When the contract ends, typically after 3-6 months, you can either hire the worker as a full-time employee or let them move to another assignment.

Bringing aboard contingent workers increases flexibility and control over the size of your workforce. Experienced professionals help with the workload to reduce stress for your employees. This lowers the odds of your employees experiencing burnout.  

Add HR Professionals to Your Team

Prioritizing the employee experience and encouraging employee-manager relationships help your company attract and retain talent. Blending contingent workers with your full-time employees increases efficiency and saves money for a stronger bottom line.

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