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How to Write a Good Job Description

A job description explains the duties and responsibilities relevant to a role. Including this information in a job posting helps job seekers determine whether they are qualified and should apply for the position.

Knowing how to write a good job description increases the likelihood of receiving applications from candidates with relevant skills and experience. This helps you hire the best talent for the role.

Implement these tips to write a good job description.

Choose a Professional Job Title

Use a clear title that demonstrates the job duties and responsibilities and will appear in search engine results. For instance, the job title “Call Center Agent” should rank well and provide more clarification than “Rock-Star Marketer.” Greater clarification and higher rank can lead to more applicants.

Describe Your Company Culture

Share insight into your company’s mission, vision, and values and how your employees carry them out. Consider including employee testimonials, employer reviews, and photos of team activities. These actions encourage job seekers who would blend with your culture to apply.

Share Descriptive Job Duties

Detail the day-to-day activities relevant to the position. Be as specific as possible to help job seekers determine whether they would be successful in the role. For instance, if the job involves managing the marketing department, you might state that the employee is responsible for managing social media and digital marketing accounts and measuring engagement with social media channels.

Limit the Job Qualifications

Include only the top five skills and qualifications for the role. Focus more on soft skills, which come naturally, than hard skills, which can be taught while on the job. Reducing the number of qualifications increases your candidate pool.

Include the Benefits and Perks

Mention what the position offers in addition to salary. Your benefits and perks may include health insurance, a retirement plan with company match, paid time off, a flexible schedule, and training and development programs. Highlighting more than just compensation encourages job seekers to apply to your openings.

Emphasize Career Growth

Describe how the position contributes to your company’s growth. Include how success in the role can lead to other opportunities within your organization. Mention the resources and support provided to facilitate professional advancement.

Do You Want Help Writing Job Descriptions?

Choosing a professional job title, describing your company culture, and sharing descriptive job duties provide insight into what job seekers should expect from your opening. Limiting the job qualifications, listing the benefits and perks, and emphasizing career growth encourage qualified candidates to apply.

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