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Three Interview Red Flags to Be Mindful of When Hiring

Being mindful of red flags when interviewing is essential for making hiring decisions. A candidate who displays potential issues during the interview process might not be a good fit for the role.

Uncovering red flags during the hiring process helps reduce the number of candidates who advance to the next step. Having fewer candidates to choose from helps make more effective hiring decisions.

Be mindful of these three interview red flags when hiring.

1. Arriving Late for the Interview

A candidate who shows up late for an interview demonstrates poor time management skills. Not calling ahead to say they will be late or to reschedule the interview also shows a lack of respect for your time.

The candidate might consistently miss deadlines or submit low-quality work to make up for their lack of planning. As a result, you should look for other candidates to interview.

2. Regular Job Changes

A candidate who consistently spends less than a year at each job indicates they do not want to remain with a company long-term. This lack of employer loyalty implies the candidate prioritizes skill development and pay increases over longevity with the organization.

The candidate likely would stay with your company long enough to benefit from the training provided, then advance to a more senior role with another organization. Therefore, you should further probe why the candidate regularly moves from one job to another.

3. Inconsistent Career Path

A quality candidate has a demonstrated career trajectory. Their skills, experience, and accomplishments show progression along their professional path.

Conversely, a candidate with multiple career changes might be unsure of which field of interest to pursue. As a result, they might lack professional goals and the desire for longevity with an organization. Therefore, you should look for a candidate who wants to invest several years to benefit your company.

Do You Need Help with Interviewing?

Be mindful of interview red flags such as arriving late for an interview, regularly changing jobs, and having an inconsistent career path. Candidates who display any of these issues might not be a good fit with your company. Therefore, you should focus on other candidates to make more effective hiring decisions.

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