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5 Ways to Manage Your Personal Brand on the Internet

Some people have named the Internet as the “new resume,” and truthfully it is on many levels. Why? Because the Internet has opened up the ability for anyone to uncover information on practically any person on demand. From photos and personal blogs to directories of connections and commentary posted on social media profiles, the Internet makes information on individuals is easy to find.

As a job seeker, did you know that the way in which you create an online image, or brand, for yourself can speak volumes to recruiters? The fact is that a majority of hiring managers now turn to social networks and other online content when making hiring decisions. What you put out there is public knowledge, and this image is something to be mindful of, because it ultimately becomes your personal brand.

How can you manage your personal brand on the Internet?

Be careful of what you post online

The very first rule of engagement online is to be careful of what you share with the rest of the world. You may think you are only sharing your opinion or a photo with a small group of friends and family, but you are actually doing so with the entire world. This includes company representatives who may “Google” you and find all kinds of unnecessary information about you in seconds.

Decide what your career passions are

As early as possible in your career, take the time to discover what you are most passionate about. This will be the foundation of a strong personal brand online. For example, you may be into developing content around a personal cause that relates to your career. Make sure your messages, content, and all effort is made to back this up online.

Think about image building activities

As a regular part of your career and personal activities, share and promote your personal brand through image building activities. Get signed up with the organizations that you believe in, participate in industry groups online, and improve your image by only putting out positive and professional images and content.

Develop a branded website and presence online

An article on DIYGenius indicates that a powerful way to increase your personal brand is by developing a website that’s connected to a personal URL, like your name for example. They recommend,” If you want a kick start your career, or work toward starting your own online business, then you will need a versatile and powerful self-hosted website.” In addition, DIYGenius recommends building your audience with these powerful tools:

1. Get a Twitter account.

2. Create a Facebook Page.

3. Customize your LinkedIn Profile.

4. Create a YouTube Channel.

5. Get a Google+ account too.

6. Use a Social Media Dashboard.

7. Organize your social profiles.

8. Actively participate in online conversations.

Keep your online information secure

Do make an effort to protect as much of your personal information online as possible. For example, if you use an online resume, leave off your home address and any other data that would be easily used by a scammer. Your brand is about the image you want to project to potential employers, so look at it from this perspective.

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