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Declining Meetings to Get More Done at Work

Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index Annual Report found that 68% of the 31,000 professionals surveyed said they lacked adequate uninterrupted time to reach their work goals. These professionals cited unnecessary meetings and meeting inefficiency as two of the top reasons they did not get more done at work.

Are Too Many Meetings Bogging Your Team Down?

The top challenges attributed to meetings include:

· Interrupted workflows

· Off-topic conversations

· Lack of a timeframe

· Feeling of disorganization

· No specific takeaways or action steps

Although some meetings are necessary to maintain alignment with company objectives, too many meetings decrease productivity and can cause burnout. As a result, you want the right meeting cadence so your team can get more done at work. These suggestions can help.

Evaluate Your Team’s Needs

Determine which topics are top priority and must be discussed during meetings. For instance, you might need your team to brainstorm for a challenging project. Or, you might want to check in on your team members’ task progress.

Include your team’s logistical needs in your meeting planning. For instance, you should be able to more easily assess your team’s performance if they work onsite or hybrid. As a result, you might need fewer meetings to keep everyone informed and accountable. Conversely, you might require daily or weekly video calls for progress updates if your team is remote. Asynchronous communication helps keep your team focused and productive at work.

Clarify the Meeting’s Purpose and Agenda

Define the meeting’s goal, discussion topics, takeaways, and next steps. Then, determine the length of the discussion, the allotted time for each topic, and which team member(s) should attend. Develop a detailed agenda to send participants a few days in advance, as this allows team members adequate time to prepare and contribute to the discussion.

Adhere to the meeting agenda so each topic is covered during the given time and you avoid off topic conversations. Also, ensure each participant understands what they are accountable for, the due dates, and with whom to follow up. By reviewing specific takeaways and action items you can increase the overall effectiveness and necessity of your team’s meetings. Additionally, conclude the meeting on time so the attendees can resume their work.

Would Help with Hiring Let You Get More Done at Work?

Evaluate your team’s needs to determine whether a meeting is necessary. Next, clarify the meeting’s purpose and send the agenda so the participants have time to prepare. Then, ensure everyone understands their next steps and follows through accordingly.

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