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Why We Love Millennials in the Workplace!

Millennial are often associated with negative terms including entitlement, poor communicators and technology reliant! But, we have found that it is actually a joy to work with millennials! Some of the attributes we enjoy about working with millennials include:

Focuses on Collaboration

Millennials are very collaborative to work with. They are very communicative, which is great when you work in an environment that has a lot of moving parts.


Millennials share a sense of purpose with their teammates and work together on meaningful projects. They bring a creative spirit to new initiatives introduced within the workforce. Start an internal social group in your company and see what amazing benefits arise from it!


Millennials are tech-savvy and like to help others by offering solutions that support innovation. They are very good at leveraging technology! They want information fast since they often will be on their smart phone and working on their tablet/computer while viewing a program – and can switch easily between devices. Make sure you have multiple monitors for their desks!

Want to Make a Difference and Contribution to Society

Millennials are always looking for ways to better themselves and the community. Having a community spirit helps companies develop programs for the good of others. What better way to bring meaning to work!


Millennials are by far the most accepting of gender equality and LGBTQ rights. They are a generation of change and progression. They care about the issues and will help to make changes. They accept and celebrate their differences including breaking the stigma around mental illness. Having a tolerant workforce helps to lift everyone up!

Highly educated and they love to learn and be developed

Millennials are on track to become the most highly educated generation in the history of the United States. They want to be mentored and coached, and be the best employee they can be!

As you can see, there are many reasons that millennials are an asset to the workforce. From collaboration, purpose, technology, making a difference, tolerance and education, companies will have a new set of challenges that will bring meaningful change and growth to their organization.

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