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How Diversity Can Be Crucial in Your Hiring Process

Your company’s commitment to diversity significantly impacts your hiring process. When you show that your workforce diversity is highly valued, a greater number of qualified candidates apply for open roles. However, if diversity is not apparent in your organization, fewer applicants will show interest in your job openings. As a result, you need to make diversity as visible as possible throughout your hiring process.

Find out why diversity matters to your hiring process and how you can showcase it.

Candidates Want an Employer Who Values Diversity

A September 2020 survey conducted by The Harris Poll for Glassdoor shows that 75% of job seekers and employees consider diversity in the workforce when evaluating companies and job offers. In fact, approximately one-third of respondents said they would not apply to a company with a lack of diversity in its workforce. This was especially true for Black job seekers and employees. According to the survey, 63% of respondents said their employer should increase diversity in its workforce. In fact, almost three-fourths of Black and Hispanic job seekers and employees and over half of White respondents felt this way. These statistics show how companies that lack diversity miss out on significant numbers of highly qualified candidates who could add value to their organization.

Employers Must Demonstrate They Value Diversity

In addition to your policies, website, and job postings, use your interview process to highlight your commitment to diversity. This helps your organization stand out as a desirable place to work. Because every employee wants to feel valued, knowing how you approach diversity gives candidates an idea of how they would be treated and what they may encounter as part of your work culture. Be sure you provide examples of how you promote diversity through how you hire, who may contribute, and who gets promoted. Also, if you are taking specific action to increase diversity in your workforce, such as providing new hires a voice in decision making or letting them work on high-visibility projects, say so. Lack of a visible commitment to diversity can cause top talent to work for another employer that actively values diversity.    

Add Diversity to Your Hiring Process

Ensuring diversity throughout your workforce impacts the number of candidates who want to work for you. Top talent wants an employer who is visibly committed to hiring, developing, and promoting diverse staff. Emphasis on diversity in your hiring process lets candidates know you are taking action to diversify your staff and show they are valued members of your team.  

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