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Challenges to Look Out for When Recruiting HR Candidates

Adding HR professionals to your team comes with obstacles. You may not know where to find qualified candidates. Your hiring process might need improvement. Or, your salary, benefits, and perks may not be enough to attract the best. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these obstacles.

Find out how to overcome three of the biggest challenges with hiring HR professionals.

Sourcing Top Talent  

Since you may not find the most skilled HR professionals through job boards, consider more effective sources. This may include upskilling internal hires who already blend with company culture and provide value each day. You can train on the necessary hard skills for employees who want to advance and take on more responsibilities. Also, you could ask your current HR team for referrals. Since they excel at networking, they should know other professionals with the skills and experience you are looking for. Even better, you should partner with a staffing firm that specializes in placing HR professionals. They have a vast network of candidates with the qualifications needed to fill a role.

Optimizing Your Recruitment Process

If your HR candidates have to navigate a poorly designed careers website or leave multiple voicemails to set up an interview, they will decide to work elsewhere. Avoid these circumstances by using current technology to provide an excellent candidate experience. These tools should include a virtual assistant for scheduling interviews and sending candidates confirmation emails. Also, consider letting candidates use on-demand video platforms for initial interviews. Being able to record their answers to interview questions on their own schedule makes it easier to determine who should be called for an interview. Plus, include text messages in your forms of ongoing communication throughout the recruitment process. Because candidates want to know where they are at, what the next steps are, and when they should hear from you by, texting is a great way to keep them in the loop.

Offering Competitive Salary, Benefits, and Perks

Because part of working in HR involves knowing the appropriate salary range, benefits package, and perks for a role, you need to include all three in an HR job offer. Before doing so, review your compensation and benefits package to make sure they align with the workload, your industry, and the marketplace. Also, make sure you are increasing salaries as employees advance as a way to increase retention. Additionally, allow flexible schedules and at least a few days of remote work per week. Plus, be ready to add benefits during job offer negotiations. If you cannot provide the desired salary, you may want to include a signing bonus or an additional week of vacation.

Partner with Arlington Resources

Hiring HR professionals in any industry can be difficult. If you do not source from the right places, provide an excellent candidate experience, and offer a competitive salary, benefits package, and perks, top talent will decide to work for a competitor. Fortunately, you can resolve these issues by partnering with Arlington Resources. We have consistently been awarded Clearly Rated’s Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction every year since 2014 and Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction every year since 2016. Talk with us today to learn how our services can benefit your company.