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The Important Role Feedback Can Play in Employee Engagement

Feedback plays an important role in employee engagement. Providing specific examples of what an employee does well, how they could do better, and specific steps for improvement helps elevate performance.

Employees who implement feedback received now have goals to work toward. Therefore, these employees tend to stay engaged as they complete their work. The activities help strengthen the bottom line.

Discover the important role feedback can play in employee engagement!

Open Communication

Feedback supports ongoing communication among employees. Having open discussions helps minimize conflict by sharing ideas, perspectives, and suggestions to complete tasks and improve performance.

Open communication helps employees feel heard and respected. As a result, employees typically collaborate effectively and stay engaged as they work toward their goals.

Performance Expectations

Providing feedback helps employees meet or exceed expectations. Employees must understand exactly what they are working toward and how success will be measured to attain the desired outcomes.

Giving feedback lets an employee know whether they are heading in the right direction or need slight adjustments to get back on track. Knowing you want your employees to succeed supports engagement in their work.

Professional Growth

Offering feedback helps improve employee performance. As a result, implementation of the feedback supports career advancement.

Employees who receive feedback can understand how others view their performance. Uncovering more effective methods to approach tasks helps increase efficiency. Therefore, these employees are likely to stay engaged in their work as they enhance their performance and productivity.

Six Tips to Provide Feedback

Implement these tips to effectively provide employee feedback:

  1. Give concrete examples of what your employee does well and what areas they could improve.
  2. Share relevant details for each situation.
  3. Be nonjudgmental.
  4. Emphasize coaching for performance improvement.
  5. Demonstrate that you want the best for your employees.
  6. Encourage engagement during feedback conversations.

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Feedback can play an important role in employee engagement. For instance, providing feedback encourages open communication, reaching performance expectations, and employee career growth. These results help strengthen your bottom line.

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