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Maintaining Productivity During PTO Season

It is important to maintain productivity during the paid time off (PTO) season. Your employees are likely to take vacations during the summer months, so you want their duties and responsibilities covered to support workflows and meet deadlines.

Effects of Being Short-Staffed During PTO Season

Being short-staffed, especially during the summer, can have detrimental effects on your team:

As a result, you must proactively plan to maintain productivity during the PTO season. Here are a few strategies that can help.

Proactively Plan for Employee PTO

Provide a clear, accessible PTO request policy so you can manage the requests fairly. Include information on when PTO requests are and are not permitted. For instance, PTO might not be granted during busy times.

Ask your employees to request PTO as soon as possible. Proactive planning helps manage employee workloads during the PTO season. You should have adequate time to plan your staffing needs around your and your employees’ vacation times.

Give your team adequate notice when an employee has PTO. Then, they can plan their own workflows accordingly to maintain productivity.

Balance Employee Workloads

Focus on balancing your employees’ workloads during the PTO season. You want your employees to maintain a work-life structure that includes time to engage in summertime activities with family and friends. These activities support employee wellness and productivity, contributing to higher job satisfaction and less likelihood of burnout.

Delegate Tasks

Proactively let your team know how the tasks will be distributed when an employee has PTO. Ensure each employee has the capacity to take on additional work and has adequate resources and support.

Consider each employee’s skills and experience levels when delegating tasks. Assigning work according to capability supports productivity.

Hire Temporary Employees

Temporary employees can help maintain productivity during the PTO season. These experienced professionals can blend with your company’s culture and support your current team during employee vacations or time away. Having additional help with workloads reduces the chances of missed work, mistakes, and employee burnout.

Maintain Productivity with Us 

Need support with planning for your businesses’ employee coverage this summer?

Partnering with a temporary staffing agency can be an effective method of maintaining productivity within your human resource team during the PTO season. Arlington Resources can provide you with temporary human resources professionals while your employees are on vacation. Request staffing or connect with us to find out more today.