Turnover Troubles: Identifying and Addressing the Root Causes

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Turnover Troubles: Identifying and Addressing the Root Causes

High turnover lowers employee engagement, productivity, and performance. This issue also impacts collaboration, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates. These factors affect your company’s reputation and the bottom line.

Significant turnover can indicate problems with transparency, communication, or recognition. As a result, you should identify and address the root causes to increase retention.

Learn how to identify and address the root causes of turnover to strengthen retention.

Analyze Your Turnover Data

Look for patterns and trends in your turnover data. Use your findings to identify the areas or groups most affected by employee turnover.

Analyzing your employee turnover data lets you:

  • Uncover the common root causes of turnover.
  • Evaluate your retention strategies and policies.
  • Benchmark your turnover against industry standards and your competitors.
  • Create realistic, measurable goals to reduce employee turnover.

Consider measuring the extent and impact of employee turnover with metrics:

  • Turnover rate
  • Turnover cost
  • Turnover ratio

You might segment your turnover data by factors:

  • Department
  • Role
  • Tenure
  • Performance
  • Demographic

Survey Your Employees

Send an anonymous survey to your employees to ask about their levels of engagement, motivation, and loyalty. Include topics such as company culture, communication, professional development, employee recognition, and constructive feedback. Focus on uncovering issues that might affect performance and retention.

Analyze and share the survey results. Then, use the feedback to implement the most effective methods to improve your workplace.

Implement Stay Interviews

Schedule regular conversations with your employees to learn what encourages them to stay with or leave your company. Ask open-ended questions, actively listen, and take notes on what your employees say.

Follow up with specific, timely actions to improve the work environment. These activities strengthen job satisfaction, commitment, and retention.

Conduct Exit Interviews

Schedule an exit interview close to a departing employee’s last day. Discuss the employee’s reasons for leaving and level of job satisfaction. Also, request constructive feedback for improvement.

Consider using a standardized form with specific, open-ended questions to guide the discussion. Also, carefully listen, show empathy, and ask follow-up questions to gather more information.

Additionally, thank the employee for their honesty and contribution to improving your workplace.

Get Help from a Human Resources Recruitment Firm

You can identify and address the root causes of employee turnover by analyzing your turnover data, surveying your employees, and conducting stay and exit interviews. Then, you can use your findings to improve the workplace and strengthen retention.

Arlington Resources can provide you with HR professionals to help identify and address the root causes of turnover within your organization. Reach out to learn more today.